View Full Version : Silent Parcells tacitly approves Owens signing

04-06-2006, 11:36 AM
I'm writing about Terrell Owens again. Many of you, I'm sure, will quickly click to my next page or -- and this may serve me right -- just click away from this column entirely. I understand. You want the media to stop the madness, stop writing about T.O. until he does something that merits our attention.

Before I make my main point, let me hand out my one T.O. Opinion of the Week. Owens is "writing'' his second autobiography in as many years. Simon & Schuster is publishing it. Reputable firm -- until this agreement, that is. What S&S should do is hand out a coupon with each book for a free session with a neurologist, because you need to have your head examined if you pay for a second book by Owens to read whatever self-serving things he has to say.

Now for the reason I'm writing about him again. There's a perception out there that the signing of Owens was all the doing of Dallas owner Jerry Jones, and that coach Bill Parcells, conspicuously silent in the 16 days since Owens became a Cowboy, doesn't like the deal. The line of thinking goes that Parcells has been saying for years that he's too old to take the kind of guff he'd have to take from a guy like Owens, so he wouldn't have favored the signing.