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04-06-2006, 09:46 PM
My new and improved Mock draft. I will do a first round, and then go over all of Miami's picks.

1.Houston Reggie Bush RB, USC If the Texans suck next year it won't be from not trying. They've actually done a nice job trying to put a team together adding guys like Flanagan, Moulds, Kalu, and Cowart to the mix. Reggie is too good to pass up. Unless they get an offer they can not refuse (ala Saints and Ricky) you've gotta pick Bush.

2.New Orleans D'Brickshaw Ferguson OT, Virginia Saints just traded Wayne Gandy to Atlanta today so this pick looks imminent. Say what you want about Brees and NO, but with D'Brick and Jammal Brown as his tackles (along with a solid guard in Mayberry), Duece in the backfield, and a WR corp of Horn/Stallworth/Henderson, Plus a good young defensive corp, the Saints have a bright future... but that's been said for a couple years now.

3.Tennessee Matt Leinart QB, USC If they take Vince Young they will regret the move for the next 15 years. Young might be a good player in the future, but Leinart is ready now. Plus, he already knows the offense from playing for Norm Chow at USC. Why mess with chemistry?

4.New York Jets Mario Williams DE, NC State Good News! John Abraham is out of the division. Bad News! a much better player will be replacing him. Mario is a freak of nature, and I am not looking forward to playing against him twice a year.

5.Green Bay AJ Hawk LB, Ohio State Hawk is probably the best LB to come into the league in a very long time. There really is no weakness to his game. Get his hair cut, and pair him with Barnett and you've got 2 really good LBs.

6.San Fran Vernon Davis TE, Maryland Eric Johnson is a great TE when healthy. Problem is, he's rarely healthy. Davis is a rare blend of size and 4.4 speed. If you're not going to get Reggie Bush, get the next most intriguing player in the draft.

7.Oakland Raiders Kamerion Wimberly DE, Florida State What have we learned in the past from Davis? He'll take a kicker in the 1st round, he'll reach, and he drafts for speed/need at the same time. The Raiders need to put someone across from Burgess. With Super Mario gone, Al reaches a bit for the next best pass rusher. Could they go Cutler or Young? Sure. But Right now Shell wants to give Walters a fair shot, and if he fails, Brady Quinn is waiting next year.

8.Buffalo Winston Justice OT, USC They need a LT in a bad way. This might be too high, and they should take someone else, but right now they seem adament on taking Justice.

9.Detroit Mike Huff CB/S, Texas You definatly could see either Young or Cutler go here, but with Kitna and McCown in down I doubt it. Huff is an instant upgrade over Fernando Bryant and gives Detroit a deadly CB combo along with Bly.

10.Arizona Vince Young ATH/QB, Texas Green will take Young if he's here. He can sit and learn behind Warner for a year, and then he'll be surrounded by a slew of talented players on offense.

11.St. Louis Haloti Ngata DT, Oregon After losing Ryan Pickett and Damione Lewis to FA the Rams are stuck with one boarderline bust DT left on the team, Jimmy Kennedy. Ngata probably won't be a disappointment like the others were (though Pickett got better) he,literally, fills a hole.

12.Cleveland Broderick Bunkley DT, Florida State He's better than Travis Johnson was last year, and Johnson is now a DE in a 3-4 defense. Bunkley gets to have the same honor.

13.Baltimore Jason Allen S, Tennessee Cutler continues his unjust slide. With Will Demps gone, the Ravens need another S. Allen has recently shot up draft boards, and would be a nice fit in the Ravens defense.

14.Philadelphia Chad Greenway LB, Iowa From top 10 pick, to lat 1st round, to mid 1st round, Greenway has seen his stock flutter. Eagles need an LB badly, and Dhani Jones, Keith Adams, Shawn Barber aren't gonna help Trotter too much.

15.Denver Chad Jackson WR, Florida Contrary to popular belief, Santonio Holmes has lost his number 1 WR status. That honor now goes to Chad Jackson. Jackson brings size and speed to a Denver WR corp who got little from anyone not named Smith or Leslie.

16.Miami Donte Whitner S, Ohio State I garuntee you on draft day we will try to trade down, but right now, this pick makes too much sense. Cooper, Hill, Tillman, and Bell are all nice players but none are really playmakers nor are any of them true SS. Whitner is smart, hard hitting, and hard working. He's the pick right now, but we'll probably trade down.

17.Minnesota Jay Cutler QB, Vandy Cutler falls to a good situation for him. He can learn behind Johnson for a year (6 games), and then inherit a pretty good offense. He falls due to need.

18.Dallas Jimmy Williams S, Virginia Tech I think it's safe to say that Williams will not be a CB in the NFL. But he'll be a good FS. Getting J Williams allows the Boys to move Roy Williams to SS, where he is not a liability.

19.San Diego Santonio Holmes, WR Ohio State After McCardell, the SD WR corp is not that good nor is it deep. Holmes is the right choice.

20.Kansas City Tye Hill, CB Clemson Pat is the only good corner they've got. Hill adds speed and toughness

21.New Enland Richard Marshall, CB Fresno State a very underrated corner who has risen. BB uses his connections, formely LSU, now Iowa State and Fresno State. and look where Marshall went to school. With Poole gone, and Starks sucking, the Pats need another corner to add to Samuel and the Iowa State kid.

22.Denver DeAngelo Williams RB, Memphis Denver wants to add another RB to go with Tatum Bell, and Williams is the best in the draft.

23.Tampa Bay Antonio Cromartie CB, Florida State With Barber and Kelly aging, the Bucs go with the local product to inject youth into the lineup.

24.Cincinnati Manny Lawson LB/DE, NC State The Bengals have zero pass rush. Lawson is one of the best, and this is one of the few places where he can remain a DE.

25.New York Giants Bobby Carpenter, LB Ohio State unless they get LaVar, the G-Men need to add another LB. An LB corp of Carpenter-Pierce-Emmonds is pretty good.

26.Chicago Leondard Pope TE, Georgia With Tillman's playoff stuggles, and Azumah's retirement, the Bears could use another CB. BUT THEIR OFFENSE NEEDS A TE IN A BAD WAY. Pope is the next best thing to Vernon Davis (but there is a wide margin there).

27.Carolina Demeco Ryans OLB, Alabama Ryans returns to my 1st round for the first time in months. Witherspoon is gone, Short is gone. Thomas Davis(last year's 1st round pick) will either be starting at S or LB, but he will be starting. So with 1 (maybe 2) LB spots open, Ryans gets the nod. Carolina relys on speed so he fits the system perfectly.

28.Jacksonville Thomas Howard LB, UTEPAyodele is gone, but he was an underachiever. Bring Howard, who is a great athlete, and pair him with Smith and Peterson and you've got a pretty good LB corp.

29.New York Jets Gabe Watson DT, MichiganDebut 1st rounder. The Jets need a big DT to stick next to Robertson. As much as all of us want that guy to be Reed, it won't be.

30.Indianapolis Laurence Maroney, RB Minnesota With Edge gone this seems like a logical choice to me.

31.Seattle Kelly Jennings, CB Miami FL Another Debut. Jennings has risen up draft boards with his workouts. Since the Seahawks have lost Dyson, and are out of the Ty Law sweepstakes(for now), Jennings is just what the doctor ordered.

32.Pittsburgh LenDale White, RB USC He can be the mini bus in Pittsburgh. He's the kind of back Pitt loves, and he and Parker could be very successful together.

Dolphins Draft.

1.Donte Whitner S, Ohio State

2.No Pick (Daunte Culpepper)

3.Gerris Wilkinson LB, Georgia Tech (Like Crowder, can play inside and out)

4.Devin Aromashodu WR, Auburn (3rd or 4th round pick depending on where you look, have good size and good speed).

5.No pick (Manny Wright)

6.No Pick (Cleo Lemon)

7.Lequalan McDonald OG, Baylor (has size and strength, could be an interesting project for Houck)

7.Chijioke Onyenegecha CB, Oklahoma (could go higher due to his upside, but will more than likely be here)

7.Gerald Anderson DT, Georgia (no pass rush, but that's not what we need)

feedback is welcome. if you want me to explain a pick, just ask

04-06-2006, 09:59 PM
dude, you have two OL going in the first round and that is it?

04-06-2006, 10:01 PM
besides them, not many projected first round linemen.

McNeil has a bad back so he's falling, Winston is a 2nd round pick, and Scott is either 2nd or 3rd. Mangold could go 1st, but you rarely ever see Cs go in the first

04-06-2006, 10:01 PM
Eagles will take a receiver so i dont think Holmes will fall that far id say both of them are gone by the time we pick

Spray Mucus
04-07-2006, 11:31 AM
Eagles will take a receiver so i dont think Holmes will fall that far id say both of them are gone by the time we pick

I think WR is a possibility for the Eagles, but I also think there pick can go multiple ways.

So WR isn't exactly a lock for them... IMO

04-07-2006, 11:40 AM
Eagles will take a receiver so i dont think Holmes will fall that far id say both of them are gone by the time we pick

I thought the Eagles pick WR no 1 last year? I realize rookies don't normally play for Andy Ried. I'm really thinking the Eagles go RB in the first round.