View Full Version : This Is Cool But Sad

04-08-2006, 02:55 AM

It seems cool at first that that little 8 year old can "shred" like that, but if you notice, his technique is pretty bad and he screws up BASIC friggin chords, meaning this kid jumped right in trying to learn to "shred" but never bothered to learn the basics of guitar. I bet this kid can play that (which isn;t hard at ALL BTW, it's only slightly impressive because he's 8) but he doesn't even know chords or anything. You see so many people like this, they wanna learn guitar and so they get a tab of a "shred" song and just sit there and learn it so they can bust it out to friends and people will think they are awesome at guitar but yet they can't even play basic chords, or switch smoothly between chords, it's quite sad actually :shakeno: