View Full Version : Had to take my new cp back to CC!!

03-07-2003, 10:43 PM
I found out why it had already been returned.....it sucked!!

Nothing seemed to work right....everytime I tried to do something I ran into a problem of some sort..... most I could correct but damn, I spent some good money on that thing and I just didn't think it should be having all the problems that it was having....took it back...payed for a new Vaio which I can pick up tomorrow....upgraded to the P4 and it has a DVD burner as well, which the other one didn't.....only 256MB of ram but whoopee right....all I do is surf the net, make music, do business so it shouldn't be a problem right?

Anybody know anything aboput Sony cps??

03-08-2003, 08:44 PM
I know nobody cares but....I gotta give this machine :up: :up: