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04-13-2006, 09:22 AM
In my opinion along with the signings of Arrington and Harrington we would be taking care of several concerns that the team had going into the off season, and doing a great job of it. Up to now we have compiled some very good acquisitions.

On the offense:
Fred Beasley FB…can do it all, but his block and catch are great and what we want.
Kelly Campbell WR….. out last year but 2004 stats show a lot of promise as a 3rd receiver
Daunte Culpepper QB…. Be careful to all opponents, solid foundation to add to his talent
Justin Peele TE….Another fantastic blocker helping out the O Line
LT. Shelton T….This guy is solid and consistent…he will bring a lot to the O Line

On the defense:

Will Allen CB….Younger than Madison, and hungry
Deke Cooper S….Solid as a starter, and fantastic for depth
Andre Goodman CB….Young, best year with Detroit last year, this year will be better
Renaldo Hill DB…. Solid tackler, last year was his best, young
Sedrick Hodge…..Fills in very well and is a young veteran

If Saban can get Lavar and Joey signed, I say that this off season will rank within the best the Dolphins have had in history. Now even without their signatures, the Dolphins are still well on their way to a similar result. Each scenario, the way I see it, would affect the team in different ways as far as knowledge and experience is concerned in the upcoming draft. But either way, I think the Dolphins will head in the same relative direction.
I feel that either one of these positions can be filled with superior quality in later rounds. I know we don’t have a second round pick, but if for some reason the Dolphins look to move down in the draft they very well could pick up a late 2 round pick. The Dolphins should go all out for an OT/G and a WR with their first 2 picks. If at position 16 in the draft, players like Santonio Holmes, Sinorice Moss, Winston Justice, or Eric Winston are not available, I would shoot down within the 1st round. Then pick up the best available player within the two positions, with their first 2 picks. At 3rd and 4th rounds I would address a CB, and a LB. I bet Kamerion Wimbley, Bobby Carpenter, Antonio Cromartie, or Richard Marshall will still be available.
I´ve seen several mocks with the Dolphins picking up a CB/S with pick 16, and in some sort of way disagree. Not only have we picked up the 4 mentioned above, but we also have some strength coming back in T. Daniels, T. Tillman, and Y Bell, not to speak of the possibility of Poole. As far as a LB is concerned, well I don´t want to even address this because I am confident that Lavar will sign with the Dolphins. A quality back-up QB will also be with in the roster prior to draft time as well……In my Opinion……
What will the Dolphins do in the draft?:dolphins:

04-13-2006, 11:20 PM
Yes we have picked up 4 DB's in the offseason, but in my eyes the only guy that will step in and really contribute will be Allen. We still need at least 1 more safety, and I want a safety that can be a pretty good player. I see us going with a safety somewhere with our first 2 picks. There is a lot of value for a S in the first. Jason Allen and Jimmy Williams are guys that we could look at for both S and CB, and then guys like Whitner and Simpson are strictly safeties at the next level.