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04-14-2006, 04:09 PM
I have seen many people cite two theories in regards to Nick Saban and his drafts:

1. Since he works a guy out, it must be a smoke screen.
I disagree whole heartedly. I believe that although there are undoubtedly a few instances when a team will work out a player because they have questions about his skills, teams often set up workouts in order to send out mixed messages. Yet, in order for this to truly work, you have to draft the player you are working out every once in awhile. Therfore, the idea that Saban won't draft guys like Jackson and Holmes because he worked them out is incorrect. Nick is too smart to become predictable.

2. Since he recruited a guy, he must really like him.
Not true. He obviously loved Allen's talent and upside out of high school in his scheme at LSU. Who would'nt. But we are now five years later and Allen is not the same player. This is a player who bounced back and forth from safety to corner and had a new nagging injury each season. Some more serious than others. This is a player who, despite serious physical gifts, has shown an inability to stay healthy in this violent game.
Not to mention, who is to say Nick Saban would not have recruited Chad Greenway or Donte Whitner if they grew up in Alabama instead of South Dakota and Ohio respectively.

Ronnie was the best player on the board for the Miami Dolphins when we picked 2. Matt Roth was the best player on the board for the Miami Dolphins in the second. Channing Crowder was the best player on the board for the Miami Dolphins in the third. Travis Daniels was the best player on the board for the Miami Dolphins in the fourth.

That is all that matters.

Keep a keen eye on Wimbley, Greenway, Whitner, Holmes, and Jackson. Barring some slippage, I believe one of those guys will be the best players on the board when pick sixteen rolls around.

Jimmy James
04-14-2006, 05:29 PM
If you're predicting he won't be predictable, that pretty much means that he will be predictable no matter what he does, proving your prediction wrong no matter what. :D

04-14-2006, 05:53 PM
I don't believe I was predicting anything. I think that I gave a reason why I thought Saban would bring a guy in even if he did not need any more information on the player, and then draft him. I think I also gave a reason why I thought the "he recruited him so he will draft him" theory is ******ed. Lastly, I think I gave a few names of people who I believe might be available and would be seen as the best players available at 16.

If you want a prediction, I can do that. How about Miami drafts Donte Whitner, puts him at corner, and moves Travis Daniels to safety. Now thats a prediction.