View Full Version : possible draft with a trade partner

04-16-2006, 01:33 PM
here is a possible draft of players we could draft with a trade of our #16 pick for a mid 20's 1st and a 2nd from a unknown team that is willing to trade:

1st round:
we need a speed rushing olb, if we don't sign arrington:
manny lawson (north carolina state), ernie sims (florida state) or kamerion wimbley (florida state)

2nd round:
we need a young safety playmaker
pat watkins (florida state), ko simpson (south carolina) or daniel bullocks (nebraska)

3rd round:
we need another young wide receiver behind chambers
brandon marshall (central florida), demetrius williams (oregon) or martin nance (miami ohio)

4th round:
we need another young ol guy to develop into a starter
rob sims (ohio state), derek morris (north carolina state) or guy whimper (east carolina)

7th round:
best players available for depth

this is just a possible draft with 3 players of each position that could be available. i want to know your thoughts about that possible draft...

04-16-2006, 01:48 PM
Pipe Dream.

Almost every NFL team for the most part is looking to gather more picks since this is such a deep draft, how about a mock with our real picks, I like your picks though.