View Full Version : I believe Kiper,like many other analyzers,

04-19-2006, 05:07 PM
was more interested in his own assessment of free agent pickups and draft needs than what the teams thought about their own free agent pickups and how that would affect the draft. He is going to focus on what he calls value versus what a team think tank is going to decide. I am betting Miami will think they addressed the corner issue enough to go another direction in the first round. As I said before, Saban himself has stated the need for a wr, lb, and nt, which were not addressed enough in free agency (he stated these positions as areas that did not get addressed enough).

I again believe value exist for defensive backs,but with Miami having limited picks I think they will go after a position of need that was not addressed in free agency, with qb being the exception if a guy like Young falls to 16. I do not believe that will happen.