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04-20-2006, 04:26 AM
Released as the $20.00 "Greatest Hits" version of the original MC3, REMIX has utilized the concept "Fable" did with "Fable: Lost Chapters". It's the exact same thing the original was with extra features added as an incentive to buy if you already own the first. I bought "The Lost Chapters" for those extra quests so I guess it worked. Well I saw Remix and my curiousity got the best of me being that I LOVED MC 3. I'll give you ONE AMAZINGLY AWESOME add-on.

THE CHEVY COBALT HAS ARRIVED. The only previous American Tuner on this game was the Dodge SRT4 Neon...ok but not that great. Well for a Chevy guy like me this kicks complete @ss....not only is the Cobalt added but you are also given a killer Chevelle which I've suped up to be a mighty powerful beast.

Another Bonus Feature: A new city has been added. Tokyo. The city isn't added into the Career Mode, that remains entirely unchanged, just San Diego, Atlanta and Detroit. Tokyo is used as the "Tokyo Challenge". For long time fans of the Midnight Club series, you'll immediately realize that Tokyo is a 100% Drag and Drop from Midnight Club 2....both the city itself and the races you're allowed to run. A slight graphical update and the civilian motorists within it are the only modifications. It's still nice to have another city to cruise in and be able to use the race editor with. Final review....if you liked the original MC 3 I suggest trading that version in and buying Remix. It has, I believe, 25 new vehicles, an updated soundtrack and, as I mentioned, Tokyo to offer

Here is www.gamerankings.com's official review page. This offers many reviews from various media outlets providing an average rating percentage. You can read each and every review to forumlate your own opinion. :rocker:


NOTE: As with MC3, one thing to consider if buying REMIX is that buying it for XBOX has a nice feature that the PS2 version doesn't: That being the ability to create your OWN custom soundtracks from any CD you own. My one major beef with this installment was the crappy rap and hip-hop non-stop. Particularly in the menus....this gets unbearable when customizing cars. :fire:

Here she is, Chevy's SS Supercharged Cobalt as it appears in the game: :drool: :drool:

04-20-2006, 05:04 AM
I forgot to add a very important note. Unlike with Fable The Lost Chapters, MC 3 Dub Edition REMIX will import your save file from the original Dub Edition. Some of you may recall that your progress from the original Fable was not compatible meaning you had to start completely from the very beginning. When you first play Remix it'll ask if you want to import the file, when it does you'll then have everything you had before...cash, cars, the whole she-bang. :up: