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04-20-2006, 04:22 PM
Wat Up Everyone. I am a diehard miami dolphins fan and live in Brooklyn, NYC. I am 16 years old but i know a lot about sports like football, baseball in basketball. I also play those sports. Anyway my nickname is Ronnie and I have met one dolphins player and that is Ronnie Brown and I have a problem posting that picture because on imageshack.us it says it is too big...idk wat to do.. if anyone can help me please reply thanks. I have been to one dolphins game and that was in the meadowlands when the giants played the dolphins and we won and that was a longtime ago...I also go to a buffalo bills bar...lol i look 18 on sundays wen the dolphins play the bills by the name of McFaddens and it was very special this year when we were losing 21-0 at home and we came back and won and me and my brother also a dolphins fan celebrated like crazy...lol anyway later on3 niggaz

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:welcome: to :fh:

What section of Brooklyn?
My girlfriend used to live in Greenpoint....

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wut up to you to.

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Welcome :fh:

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Fin Fan in Cali
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Welcome Aboard :D

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Welcom aboard