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04-20-2006, 04:56 PM

I posted a thread on here some time ago expressing how much I miss Bowens and Chester. Am I the only one who feels that DT is an enormously glaring need? We have DT depth, (Holliday, Zgonina, Vickerson, Wright, & Traylor). Unfortunately, Traylor is the only one that is a true run-stuffing monster. Wright has great size, (6'6", 330lbs.), and a ton of potential, but is he the answer as the FUTURE run-stuffer to be feared by o-lines? Only time will tell. Even if he is, we still need another big body who can stand along side him and take command of the line and allow ZT to do his thing. Vickerson is a mystery at this point, and will need time to develop. Traylor has one year left, and those knees are an issue. If he misses a significant chunk of time, there is no one to fill that huge void. Teams will run straight at us. Lest we forget the 4-12 season when both Bowens and Chester were lost? Andy Cohen, the foremost expert on the Fins, referred to them as the "heart of our defesnse." And it doesn't matter if we have Thomas, Crowder, Arrington AND Lawson: We won't be able to stop the run. This GREATLY concerns me, which is why I am so high on either Haloti Ngata or Brodrick Bunkley, though neither will fall to us. But if by some stretch they do, I would JUMP on this, not so much Bunkley, but Ngata. I am on his band-wagon BIG TIME. Again, just an overall concern about the future of DT. Big, dominant DT's are hard to find, and can take time to develop. A dominant DT like Tim Bowens, Kris Jenkins, Casey Hampton or Marcus Stroud can become the face of a defense, and one of its greatest strengths. Missing out on Maake O(whatever) from Baltimore hurt. Thoughts...? Does anyone agree that we in trouble if Traylor is lost or cannot hold up full-time? I agree that the secondary needs some help, and the 1st round of this year's draft is FILLED with promising players. But we NEED that monster in the middle, a young stud, to allow Zach to take control of the field and be at his best...:dolphins:

04-20-2006, 05:05 PM
yeah i think we need a young, big, strong DT....we have holliday(not very big) traylor and zgonina(old as santa clause) and wright and vickerson(young but havent proven themselves

04-20-2006, 10:57 PM
Defensive Line youth is needed indeed. As fans, we look for the "exciting" player for Miami to pick such as a Manny Lawson or Cromartie or Chad Jackson or JAson Allen, but when you look at the foundation of a defense, stopping the run is the MOST important aspect of controlling the flow of a game defensively. Sure, I would love for Miami to get a Manny Lawson or Cromartie, but the priority factor may lean towards picking up Gabe Watson with the #16 pick in the NFL draft.

Controlling the line of scrimmage will ALWAYS be the determining factor of a successful football team. Sure, NT and DT's are not the priority right now at this moment with guys like Traylor, Zgonina, Kevin Carter, and Holliday but with a guy like gabe Watson sitting there at #16 with the potential to be a consistent dominant force in a position where offensive game plans will need to be altered through the air, causing a higher risk percentage should leave Nick Saban without a doubt to draft the NT from Michigan Gabe Watson.

I post very seldomnly do to my military obligation and situation, but a couple of years ago I noted here on finheaven the Patriots draft strategy when Bellicheck took over that consisted of Richard Seymour with a first rounder, Ty Warren with a first rounder and then 2 drafts later Vince Wilfork with a first rounder. When Saban took over, it was well noted that he shared defensive strategies with Belicheck while being with LSU. When Sabans' first off-season took off, he went out by signing, kevin Carter, Vonnie Holldiay and Keith Traylor (who played with NE the year before), all very strong against the run.

Judging by the Saban/Bellicheck defensive principals and the fact that a potentially dominant DT will be sitting there at #16, it's a safe bet, IMO, to say that Gabe Watson will be Miami's first round draft pick.

04-20-2006, 11:54 PM
I am hoping and i mean HOPING that Ngata is there at 16

04-21-2006, 01:06 PM
Ngata is an absolute MONSTER! Unless his knee(s) is/are a real question to a number of teams, I can't see how he'll be there at 16, but if he is, and he's healthy, 99.999% sure we'd grab him.

He will be a one man D-line!

Far more realistic is Watson. IMO we could trade down (out of 1st round) and get him early in 2nd round. But then again, if we missed, oops...

04-21-2006, 10:27 PM
I think if we drafted Gabe Watson and he actually goes 100% all the time, we can have an absolute 3-4 monster for years! I can't wait till the draft!!!!!

04-25-2006, 05:14 AM
FinfanLover... Gabe Watson is UNSTOPPABLE when he plays the way he is capable of.

The professional, "relentless" atmosphere in Miami right now with Saban taking charge is VERY contagious. Gabe Watsons' ONLY flaw in his game would be shot dead in the water by joining the Miami Dolphins.