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04-22-2006, 06:56 PM
Day 1: April 29th, 12pm to 10pm (ESPN 12pm-8pm, ESPN2 8pm-10pm)

Day 2: April 30th, 11am to 6pm (ESPN full day)

Alright gentlemen and...well let's face it mostly gentlemen. It's that time. We're now one week from Draft Day and we're enrolling sign-ups for the Draft Chat that myself, Boomer, and KB21 will be running.

We understand that this will be a service that only SOME of you are interested in. That's fine! If you're not interested in it, it's completely cool. Don't worry about it. If you are, then you're the person we want to talk to.

As most of you know Boomer, KB21, and myself are in the active planning stages of the rollout of a full arsenal of draft coverage services aimed at the 2007 NFL Draft. Those services actually begin next week with the 2006 NFL Draft.

Though we have not rolled out the full level of services for this draft that we will next draft, we have assembled extremely copious amounts of notes and information for the 2006 NFL Draft and our aim is to make this draft a pleasant and memorable chatting experience for those who wish to sign up.

Our goals with the draft chat are the following:

1. Provide an outlet for Miami Dolphin fans and FinHeaven regulars to chat with each other about the draft in a fast real-time environment that is relatively free of potential server load issues. We all love FinHeaven and I very much recommend keeping the FH website up on one web browser window throughout the entire draft. They've upgraded their servers to help them handle the unbelievable load that they'll be asked to handle on draft day, but just in case some people want a more real time experience we are organizing a chat room.

2. Assemble a MODEST crowd of chatters, which means limiting numbers. This is the Titanic life boat effect. Stuff too many people on the raft and the whole thing sinks. Too many people in the chat can too often lower the quality of the experience. This isn't just about server load issues. This is about quality chatting. Too many people in the same area can just lead to a low quality experience that we would like to avoid.

3. Assemble a SERIOUS crowd of chatters, who do not intend to waste everyone's time and eyes with uninformed and/or intentionally derogatory/ignorant statements. We have high standards. Opening the doors to just anyone and everyone would allow too many people in that are not serious or respectful. Some have suggested that we accomplish this by making it only open to VIP posters...but that would not be fair to those non-VIP posters who are serious about the draft.

4. To provide those people chatting with constant real-time Q&A and Commentary from Boomer, myself, and KB21. This will include reviews and comments on players that get drafted, information on the players' measurables that we have at our disposal, etc.

While we do not necessarily expect folks to be chomping at the bit to pay money for services #1 and #2, we do believe that #3 is worth paying for, and providing #4 will actually require a pretty significant commitment from Boomer, myself, and KB21. This is especially true of Boomer, who lives in England. The first day of the draft will span from 12pm to 10pm. For Boomer, this means 5pm to 3am his time. The second day will be 11am to 6pm, or 4pm to 11pm his time.

So let's get down to the nitty gritty:

What You Pay: $5

What You Get:

#1. On the night before the draft, we will send an email to everyone who has signed up with detailed final instructions on how to get to the chat room. We're not trying to be secretive but you have to understand that we also don't want freeloaders. Too meany people on board can sink the ship.

#2. That night we will also be sending everyone via email our 4-Round Mock Draft.

#3. You will NOT have to download any bulky programs. It is entirely possible that you may require a BASIC plugin for internet explorer (nothing fancy, and only arcane software users would probably need it since everyone with winXP probably already has it). But otherwise we're completely good to go and once you get the instructions, you should have no problem reaching the chat room.

#4. We are prepared to guarantee that one of the three of us will be present in the chat room at all times. KB21 and myself will probably be present for all hours of the draft, but you have to understand Boomer may not be able to stay up until 3am his time on Saturday night, as he's got a wife and baby to think of.

#5. Once your identity has been verified, you will receive the privilege of speaking in the chat room. At random intervals those people present in the chat room who have not been given this official privilege (ie. have not confirmed identity) will be kicked from the chat room.

I apologize, but we only accept payment via PayPal. I know many of the less internet savvy of you will not be familiar but the sign-up is relatively simple, and SAFE. I know I've had at least one poster express nervousness over giving a service like PayPal credit card or bank account information but the bottom line is we live in the 21st century and PayPal is a respectable nationally known business. They are not a fly-by-night internet swindler. If they were, then they'd have had their operations cracked down by the FBI half a dozen years ago, as they are a very recognized business with hundreds of thousands of customers.

What is Expected of You:

#1. Visit http://www.paypal.com/ and sign up for an account if you do not already have one. A "personal" account should do. You will need to set up a credit or debit card to make payments with. If you have the time and the motivation, you can set up a personal bank account as well but this is not necessary for our purposes.

#2. At the top you will see five tabs. The second from the left says "Send Money". Click on it and there will be a simple form to fill out. Under "Recipient's Email or Phone" please type in ckparrothead@yahoo.com. For the amount, put in 5.00. Currency let's keep it in US Dollars please. For category of purchase please use the drop-down box to select Service. The next part is important. For subject write in "FinHeaven Draft Gurus Chat"...and then in the body of the email note you MUST include the following: your nickname from FinHeaven, an email address where we can reliably reach you with all information, and most important of all a password of your choosing. The email and password information will be used to verify your identity on draft day in the chat channel.

#3. CHECK YOUR EMAIL! On the night before the draft especially! This will be important. Once you get the instructions for entering the chat room, you will be expected to PM me (via the chat service, NOT on finheaven) with your email address and password. This will get you "voiced" so that you can chat in the room. Be quick about this! As I said, at random intervals we will be kicking non-voiced chatters from the room.

#4. Be respectful in the chat room. Those familiar with the FinHeaven TOS should have no problems. If it is obvious that you are becoming a problem, you may be kicked from the room for good, if I've found you to be actively violating the FH behavior TOS that we will be adopting.

This is important to note...we're not out to rip anyone off! Don't worry about that! Where are we going to hide? All three of us are on FinHeaven every day...and none of us is going to be motivated to take your $5 and head off to Mexico with it. LOL.

If after the draft you come to us with a problem, either you never got the email or you found yourself unable to enter the chat room, or whatever...just send me an email. My email is ckparrothead@yahoo.com and just tell me what happened. I will be keeping track of who pops into the chat room during the weekend to chat and who is a no-show. If I have you down as never having shown up or verified your identity, then I will have to assume some kind of technical difficulty prevented you from chatting with us and I will be happy to refund approximately $4.50 of your $5.00. The reason I say $4.50 of your $5.00 is because when you send me a $5 payment, PayPal is billing me about 50 cents of each of those payments as part of my fee schedule for receiving credit card payments. I will honestly lament the loss of your 50 cents for you, but to be fair I'm not about to lose 50 cents of our own money for a technical issue with your internet browser...the exception of course being gross negligence on our part (like we never recorded you down as a user or sent you an email, lol).

So sign up already! We're hoping that the experience is pleasant enough for you that come the 2007 NFL Draft you will be happy to buy our Draft Guides and subscribe to our services.


04-24-2006, 06:12 PM
If Jose Raul Morffi happens to be browsing this thread please PM me right away. I see you've signed up and paid via paypal but you didn't leave your FH screen name, email address, or a password of your choosing and I need those bits of info.


04-26-2006, 04:55 AM
Anymore for anymore?

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