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Are you an amature draftnik on a budget? Here is a free 100 page NFL draft guide you can print up.

Get your free Billszone draft guide here! (pdf file format) - just click the cover. 160 detailed player profiles, 270 players total- 150 color photos and more!

http://www.finheaven.com/clear.gif (http://www.billszone.com/fanzone/downloads/BillsZoneDraftGuide2006.pdf)

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Pennington's Rocket Arm
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awe, it's a coloring book!

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Mile High Fin
04-23-2006, 07:00 PM

They list Donte Whitner as a 3rd round value (on p. 77)!!! :sidelol:
He'll be taken in the 1st round, probably middle-1st round!!!

1st round Safties:
Bing :lol:

2nd round Safties:

3rd round Safties:
Whitner :lol:

That's some good info right there........well researched!


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also, I love how they have a picture of Vince Young as their cover safety.....they must have forgotten Vince was no. 10

04-24-2006, 05:24 AM
Actually it had some very good information and who knows when it was prepared some of the info is dated but every year a guy who is supposed to go first round drops for various reasons and Whitner is not a first round lock by any means.

I mean look at last year Chris Spencer, Luis Castillo and Logan Mankins were not supposed to be first round picks. Mike Patterson was a fairly big suprise as a number on epick also. Lofa Tatuopo was not supposed to be an early second round pick or hardly a day one pick. I mean Michael Roos T was taken
early round 2. Plus the Jets were the latest idiots to spend a 2nd rounder on a friggin kicker. Ronald Bartell went at least a round too early with Justin Miller still on board. Nick Collins a day too early with Donte Nicolson still there.

Dan Cody, Justin Miller and Khalif Barnes fell out of the first to the second and were all regarded as sure first rounders. Dan Cody fell a good ways also.

Channing Crowder and Darryl Blaystock who some saw as first rounders fell all the way to the third.

Antaj Hawtrhorne actually fell all the way to the sixth round. Elton Brown fell to the fourth.

Derrick Johnson easily one of the best players in the draft took quite an unexpected tumble in the first round as did Aaron Rodgers.

Players will fall and rise depending on one or many teams grade players and his draft guide could be very similar to some teams draft board.

Previous years guaranteed first rounders that fell
Randy Starks 3rd
Derrick Strait 3rd
Will Poole 4th

Taylor Jacobs 2nd
Kelly Washington 3rd
Boss Bailey 2nd

Look at some of our guys we took way too high.
Eddie Moore 2nd
Wade Smith 3rd
Taylor Whitley 3rd
Tim Bowens 1st
Eruc Kumerow 1st
Ben Kelley 3rd
Kirk Pointer 4th
Billy Milner 1st
Rick Graf 2nd

We also got alot of players that were graded as higher picks later in draft
Jason Taylor
Sam Madison
Channing Crowder
Chris Chambers
Rob Konrad
Brandon winey
Will Poole

Note not all these players were good lol but Brandon Winey is still in NFL and has started 3 games and that is three more than Andrew Greene ever started.