View Full Version : What is the best scenario to get somebody to move up?

tastes like chi
04-25-2006, 01:56 PM
The one position that I see teams looking to jump up and take is RB. With Indy, Pitt, Carolina in need of a RB and possibly Jac, NE, and Minn in the market as well.(of the teams picking behind us). What would be the better scenario:
A) Williams, White, and Maroney are all still on the board so somebody can jump up and take their "man"


B)Philly and/or Denver takes a RB causing a team to have to jump(Indy comes to mind).

I use this RB situation as my only scenario for the Dolphins to trade down because, if any other position falls in to 16 I hope that the dolphins will be drafting them(Maybe not QB)

Anyway which way do I root for on draft day? as I would like to see the dolphins trade down and get a DB/S in the bottom of the first, where there will be some soild choices and give me some more picks to stay tuned for.