View Full Version : My Final Fins Mock Draft

04-27-2006, 07:25 PM
We will make trades in the draft, but I will not attempt to make any

1.Santonio Holmes WR, Ohio StateThe rumors I am hearing are the Broncos are going to make a push to get either Javon Walker or Donald Driver via trade, but also that they have a couple wishes. First they want to try and trade up to get either Mario Williams or Reggie Bush (whoever is not drafted first), and if they can't do that, they'll try to trade up to get Vernon Davis. If they can not trade up, they are set on 3 players Wimberly, D.Williams, or Lawson. If this is true, we get to pick which WR we want. Personally, I like Holmes better than Jackson.

3.Calvin Lowry S, Penn State this kid is a ballhawk. He's a big hitter, and a playmaker. Could start from day one.

4.Cameron Vaughn OLB, LSU Last year we took an LSU product in the 4th, and he looks like a keeper. Can lightening strike twice?

7a.Domata Peko DT, Michigan State He will be a steal. Could develop into a good NT.

7b.Donovan Raiola C, Wisconsin With McKinney's healthy up in the air, we pick up the C that helped Davis, Stanley, and Calhoun all have great years the past 2 years.

7c.Kent Smith QB, Central Michigan Mueller has stated that he likes to draft atleast one QB every draft. This guy is an intriguing prospect.

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