View Full Version : Had to wake up the board a little; things getting redundant...

04-27-2006, 10:44 PM
No I don't believe all the players I mentioned earlier will be 1st rd, or picks at 16. I just wanted to argue that there is too much focus on measures. Don't get me wrong; you need some speed and size at this level. But don't forget guys like Zach and Sam Mills. I pull for the underdogs.

A guy that I have heard a lot about is Brandon Gulliroy DE, UL Monroe. Along with Vaughn from LSU and Anderson, the DE from Alabama, I have heard these guys as middle to late round options from the South. I don't know a lot about Gulliroy, but he has been mentioned as a sleeper by many publications.

I personally hope that I do not have a clue and am surprised throughout the day. That is what I wish.