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Awsi Dooger
04-27-2006, 11:59 PM
At Bodog.com. http://www.bodog.com/sports-betting/football-player-props.jsp

They've been doing this for a while. On that link you'll notice the current odds, then on draft day they update with more lines on which player each team in the first round will pick.

The value is not great in terms of odds. You'll notice 1/3 and 1/1 (even money) on the same pick. So that's a ton of house juice.

A few of the highlights:

How many QBs taken in the first 10 picks?

1) 20/1
2) 1/1 (even money)
3) 2/5

Texans First Pick

1) Reggie Bush 1/7
2) Mario Williams 9/4
3) Trade 7/1
4) Other Player 8/1

Saints First Pick

1) Mario Williams 4/9
2) Matt Leinart 3/1
3) D'Brick 9/2
4) A.J. Hawk 3/1
5) Trade 5/2
6) Other Player 5/1

I did make a bet tonight, although not draft related. They let me give 1/6 odds that Reggie Bush won't have his Heisman Trophy stripped before July 1st. I'll take my chances on 16% interest for slightly over two months, based on something that has never happened before, to my knowledge. Looks like theft to me. Even if the Downtown Athletic Club decided to go in that direction there would be lengthy investigation of the specifics, threats of lawsuit which would delay the decision, etc.