View Full Version : That pick pretty much cements my thesis

04-30-2006, 12:08 PM
That we will get a vet olb after the cuts have been made. This is the same strategy employed byt the pats. Particularly, they wait to add good football players at a good value after they have been cut. The phins have drafted players that they will not be able to find after the cuts have been made. This makes sense to me.. Toledo could be a beast, he is a strong 330lbs, he could be a possible guard, or as someone else has said move someone we have to guard and play rt..

The fact that we passed on the sexy omar jacobs pick also tells us volumes about culpeppers health and how the team feels about lemon.. IMO The harrington situation is a value play, where the fins may be able to get him and flip him for much more value. The other side of this argument is that if we dont' get him, it wont really be that big of a deal..That is why nick is playing hardball with the lions. If Harrington was a need instead of a luxury, he would have passed on the project tackle in the fourth and made the deal with Detroit.