View Full Version : If France felt that the US couldn't pass a new resolution...

03-17-2003, 04:13 PM
...why did they feel the need to declare that they would veto any resolution that the US got passed?

"UNITED NATIONS -- France said Washington and its allies abandoned their proposed U.N. resolution on Iraq after they realized they lacked a majority on the Security Council.

French U.N. ambassador Jean-Marc de La Sabliere said the United States, Britain and Spain "realized that the majority in the council is against and oppose a resolution authorizing the use of force." "

If that was the case, why the declaration? Why give the US an "out" by stating that they would prevent the passage of any new resolution that authorized force? Why not just let the Resolution be voted down? Personally, I think France realizes that people will understand that once France stated that there could be no enforcement of UN resolutions concerning Iraq, it eliminated any possibility of those resolutions accomplishing anything of substance. It was the threat of force which got the inspectors back in to Iraq, and once that threat was gone, the inspectors might as well follow. Thanks Jacque, there WAS a chance for this to be resolved peacefully, and that chance is now gone.