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05-08-2006, 04:06 AM
This thread is for cool facts about some of today's major rock groups (or other genres I suppose) before they hit it big.

#1 - As I mentioned before, Godsmack created an album for a measley $2,600 that was picked up by a Boston DJ from Boston's WAAF 107.3 FM and quickly became popular in the area with "Whatever" and "Keep Away" becoming local bombshells. They sold albums out of a local record store known as Newbury Comics with consignment terms, they were later offered a contract by Universal-Republic Records re-recorded the album with a much bigger budget and then altered the album title from "Godsmack: All Wound Up" to a simple self-titled "Godsmack".

#2 - In about 1995 or 1996 Nickelback released the album "Curb" in which they sounded like complete crap. Back in the day they were attempting to be a Pearl Jam-esque type of band rather than establishing their own thing. One track off of that album "Just For" is a fantastic way for one to see the changes that were made before they became popular. The song "Just For" re-appeared on their third album "Silverside Up" much more polished and with Chad Kroeger's vocals sang more clearly....that album was their break-out smash hit. Also, it seems not many are aware of their second album, "The State" on which a few of those hits many think were done by the band Bush. Not true.

If you guys have any interesting, lesser-known facts....post 'em. :rocker:

05-08-2006, 04:11 AM
The Bands Default and Theory Of A Deadman were fostered (if you will) by Nickelback's Chad Kroeger (Theory was actually the first signing of Kroeger's very own 604 Records). Each of these bands mention him in their album credits both as 'thank you's and for his part in writing some of their biggest radio hits. Kroeger even used his connections to get Theory's lead singer, Tyler Connolly in the Spiderman "Hero" video where you'll see him playing guitar (With the Handlebar mustache) and also got the band a spot on the Spiderman movie soundtrack with the track "Invisible Man" from their self-titled debut album.

Nickelback, Theory Of A Deadman and Default are all comprised of full blooded Canadians (this may be a good implication as to why Kroeger was so eager to lend a helping hand). :dunno:

Chicago native band Chevelle (one of my top 3 favorite groups) released an album before "Wonder What's Next" (Featuring the hit "The Red)with a smaller label known as "Squint", the album title "Chevelle: Point #1". The album was re-produced by EPIC after Chevelle went big and that album still remains one of my favorite in my collection. (NOTE: I'm not sure if EPIC bought the rights from Squint to sell it but in any case the original recording quality was not altered or edited).

The lead singer (Zero) of the Rock group "Powerman 5000" is the younger brother of Rock Legend Rob Zombie. Both artists are signed by the record label "Geffen Records". Does this make him Zero Zombie? :lol: