View Full Version : random Mini Camp & Draft Thoughts

05-08-2006, 10:09 AM
so far things are looking optimistic for the 2007 season...if the 2006 draft is as fruitful as the 2004 & 2005 drafts, miami is well on it's way competing for the playoffs... but i do realize daunte was the biggest addition of the 2006 offseason... and quite possible (if healthy) be the answer to the the teams playoffs hopes... i'd like to begin by saying that the 2004 & 2005 drafts have produced 5 starters and a slew of backup and role players ... too bad wanny didn't have the same success... if the 2006 draft helps bring in productive players the potential for this team is un-real!!! let me start by saying that jason allen is miami's version of eric turner .. when turner was chosen by the belichek/saban run cleveland browns... turners selection was a suprise to many draft experts back than... but all turner did was have a very sucessful nfl career... while allen may be a better athlete than turner i believe the comparision cames from the suprise of the pick and the potential for allens success.. just like turner had for cleveland and oakland... the versitility and smarts allen brings to the miami secondary is welcomed.... and thats not mentioning his speed and quickness... as for s. mitchell his UDFA signing in 2005 is potentially a stoke of good fortune for miami ... just like o-gun was back in 2001.. mitchell i hope can solidify the nickel and dime packages that saban uses... and so far his early showing at mini camp leads me to believe he has recovered from injury (95%) and will compete for more than just a roster spot on this 2006 team... he might not run a 4.3 anymore but i'd be estatic with 4.4 ... just with these 2 player i have mentioned above the secondary could be so much better than in 2005... now throw in will allen and the rest and you can see why there is excitement... derek hagan as we know was very productive college receiver.. and if we use the bill walsh analogy this means he will be a prductive nfl player... as we know walsh loved to draft productive college types.. and we all know his success... i stated on draft day i was somewhat suprised when he was chosen.. but after pulling out all my old college review and draft publications i realized he was better than what he showed during senior bowl week.. i guess the bad reports from senior bowl week dropped him in most eyes... to be honest thats why i questioned the pick ...i guess he is what he is .. and if his college production translates into nfl success the dolphins will have found their # 3 slot guy & eventual #2 ... not bad for a bad week of practice... even though he caught 94% of the balls thrown his way in college... his production got over looked... miami just might have found another steal ... as for rod wright he is in the o-gun/mitchell catagory .. selected with the intent for his future value to an ever growing young defensive unit... we all know wright was labeled.. but did anyone ever guess this injury held him back... lets see what happens with his health... i'll bet he returns to his soph production level.. and with saban mentoring him.. the sky is unlimited for this kid... in 2005 vickerson came in known more for his connection to saban than his college production... anyway vickerson just might make zgonia expendable this year... he seemed like he was picking up alot of steam during the 2005 pre-season... if he learned and prepared while recovering from his knee sprain.. and picks up where he left off .. he just might make traylor and after thought.. i do realize that i might be a bit over anxious about vickerson.. but it seems as if he has followed a pattern that saban is willing to sacrifice a players 1st year if he shows potential early.. in order to prep the player for future use ... if vickerson can continue his climb ... again miami might have found a solid contributer in the late rounds... thanks for your time fellow fin fans!!! peace