View Full Version : Drafting for need vs BPA in the salary cap era...

05-15-2006, 11:36 AM
now everyone talks about drafting BPA and that should be the only way to go in the draft.... but does anyone else think that was a philosophy more for the pre-salary cap era?

nowadays a team cant afford to pay a guy high first round money if hes going to be a backup... in the pre-salary cap era you could get away with that, and eventually get use out of both guys... but for example if we drafted manny lawson to be our backup OE to jason taylor, and JT plays at a high level for another 4 years... that leaves us paying manny lawson big first round bucks to be a backup for most of that contract... thats just not economical in this day in age...

i dont know just something i was thinking about recently... thoughts?

i understand BPA and you can get value by future trading and such... but with the money spent is it really worth it? maybe this is why we see more teams seeming to draft for need rather than BPA...

05-15-2006, 01:01 PM
Personally when people say BPA I don't think of BPA out of everyone. I think BPA in terms of if there are 5 positions of need, some more then others, and there are 6 high rated players that play various positions of need. You take the highest rated one even if the need isnt the biggest out of those 5 positions.