View Full Version : Heartbreaking...and inspiring.

06-08-2006, 07:21 AM
There's nothing I can add. Watch...

Jason Becker. (http://youtube.com/watch?v=OFjQgDe_a0E&search=David%20Lee%20Roth)

06-08-2006, 07:35 AM
Truly sad man. I remember cutting his picture out of the my brothers guitar magazine and putting it up on the wall. Went up next to my favorites: Hendrix, Hammet, Vai, Stevie, Eddie, Randy.

06-08-2006, 08:43 AM
What a shame... ALS is such a horrific disease. I remember him when he first hit the scene, but never knew what happened to him.
Such a waste.. even though he still managed to put his music out there....

Is he still alive?

06-08-2006, 11:34 AM
Becker was diagnosed with only five years to live, but that was almost ten years ago. He is still living in Glendale, California. He continues to write music, and has had a couple of recordings released on independent labels. A tribute album is in the works, and will include some of his good friends, such as Cacophony buddy and ex-Megadeth lead guitarist Marty Friedman. Becker is reportedly also gaining some of his muscle control back, although it is doubtful that he will ever play in public again.


06-08-2006, 01:04 PM
wow what a shame indeed...he was a great guitarist too

06-08-2006, 05:15 PM
sad, a very talented musician