View Full Version : Qualifying for World FF championship next year. Join now!

07-01-2006, 02:39 PM
I have currently made a league in at NFL.com for the best fantasy football players I know. I've tooken the winners and great teams from my leauges last year but unfortuatly I only played in a few leagues. So I need some serious fantasy football players that will be there all year to join and fill in the rest of the spots. Its the standard scoring of NFL.com and there is no money prizes YET! This is one of the qualifying leagues for the world championship next year. The winner of this league will be invited to play in NFL.com invitation league. The winner of that league will make a guest apperance on ESPN! However winning will not be easy. Please only the serious players join b/c this is a VERY serious league. If you do not show up at the draft (July 10 8:30) you will be completly ineligable for the prize. So again I stress the importance of serious players. But I also want to say that it will be TONZ OF FUN!!!! :lol: If you would like an invitation please email me at joetheshow79@yahoo.com or if you have any questions. Thx you guys.

Joseph Bukowski
NFL Fantasy Football Vice-President