View Full Version : Will be at two games pittsburg and detroit looking

07-07-2006, 01:57 PM
....to hook up with some true dolphin fans at either of these games. I'm a huge dolphins fan and live in toronto canada argooooos and the ricky williams story, to funny up here though was able to see him and chat with him due to the fact the practices are open to the public so was able to see him after practice score some sweet autographs etc. Still to funny to see him north of the boarder but anyways. Anyone tailgating at either of these games pass along some info will be in pittsburg wednesday nite. Trying to find out about this parking pass for eastern market in detroit only place to allow you to tailgate but the city hasn't replied back to me yet will need to call them. Other than that just looking for some tailgating parties with fellow fans get back and until next time speak later