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A Wing Pilot
08-01-2006, 01:39 PM
I Like many of you saw the add for the 30 day free trial of BackYard Drills staring Bill parcels on NFL network or ESPN. It is a training video targeted towards Father/Son at home training. You can see more information here (https://www.asseenontvnetwork.com/vcc/procede/backyarddrills/216517/). As a coach myself and father of 2 I felt I should give this a try. So I ordered it with rush shipping ( Total out of pocket $20) with the commitment to pay $150 more split into 3 payments. So dad, your shelling out near $180 to teach your son/daughter football! I have paid hundreds for good videos and trust me they are few and far between. So lets get to the review:

Disc 1 & 2: Offense and Defense
Runtime: Over 4 hours combined
Positions covered: All Offense and defensive positions

Review as a coach: 90% crap. You get these drills and excercises in the very first $20 book on coaching that you buy. The DVD's are full of fluff like 5 minute intro to the player that is going to show you the skills. Summary and moral teachings. While I want to teach my kids things like responsibility and dedication, I'd rather see drills and technique. It does cover group drills (line play) which was a nice feature. Don't get me wrong it has plenty to practice and do, just nothing to me personally that added a lot of value.

Review as a father: Pretty good, not $180 good though. I'll take the point of view as a father that never coached before. This video is really slanted to the dad that has no knowledge of football or past experience. It is a good refresher and lesson builder for those that are a bit rusty. I think at some points you should watch it with your son, but others it teaches the dad how to communicate with his son. The intros are silly but more applicable here, and the drill explination and visual setup is better then you can get in a book as you can actually see it happen. I give it a B for non experienced dads and a C+ for dads that are a little rusty. Lots of drills, pick your favorites and focus on them ( and your sons weak spots as well)

Disc 3: Punting, kicking & Special Teams
Runtime: Roughly an hour
Positions covered: See above

Review as a coach: pretty good. Its hard to find good drills and resources for special teams play. Most videos or systems don't focus on it and call it "Coaches preference". I really like the fact that he gave good tips and drills in this section. However this Disc alone is not worth the total cost of the training set:

Review as a Father: WOW!! This is a rare resource to find and a good one at that. It'll cover the basics and should make your kid not be the worst on the team at special teams coverae or kicking (If kicking applies). Don't forget you need a big yard to kick in especially as your kids get older.

Disc 4: Nutrition and Fitness
Runtime: Roughly an Hour
Positions Covered: None

Composite review: Some of this disc is common knowledge, some is not. Over all a good disc to have and review. Really focus on hydration though, it is key where I am located (South Florida). Again I really like this resource from both a coaches and fathers perspective.

Final review:

Coach: 69/100 C- to D+
Father: 79/100 B- to C

I just don't think its worth the $180 your going to drop on it. Go pick up $50 in books at amazon and you'll have all the same skills, and not have to watch all the fluff. There are lots of drills, great players, & coaches. Its an OK dvd, but left me craving a little more. Feel free to call them and check it out yourself its 30 day guarentee. I think you can keep the Special teams and Nutrition dvd as a gift... But I returned them all. My search for the perfect training DVD's will continue!!!!

08-01-2006, 02:48 PM
I'm Glad To Hear It Sucks,during The Afternoon On Nfl Network They Play That Commercial At Least 4 Times An Hour.

08-01-2006, 03:12 PM
Could you rip it and put it up on Youtube for us? :D