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08-01-2006, 08:29 PM
First of all... MODS, thank you for letting me offer this opportunity to the Finheaven members... I know that I have bugged the crap out of you and you made this happen!!! I have literally made your lives hell over the past couple months! MAJOR PROPS GUYS!

Second... I want to apologize for all the grief that I have put all the members through... This includes all the major forums on this site... Thank you for tolerating me!

Finally... For those of you that have e-mailed and PM'd me over the past few months supporting this effort, thank you, Thank you , Thank you!!! You guys really kept the spirit alive!!!

I have responded via e-mail or PM to those of you that wish to participate in this raffle... I feel it necessary to give something in return, even though there was not enough activity for what I wanted 2 do...

So here is the deal... I have a confirmed 32 participants for this raffle. I can not realistically offer all 13 seats with these few numbers... However, I will offer a pair of tickets to the game, for every 25 tickets sold. This will be at the $25.00 raffle ticket price!

I will give a daily status of who has participated and how many tickets were sold. I will let the raffle run 1 week from today's date and time. I will let you know when a set of new tickets is added to the mix.

You can purchase more than 1 ticket to this raffle! There is no limit as to the number of tickets you can purchase!

All extra money above the cost of the tickets WILL BE DONATED to the Finheaven site, regardless of the number of tickets sold. If I sell 30 tickets, the 5 extra above the line, which n this case will be $125.00, will be donated to Finheaven!

AJ, MODS, I am requesting that all money donated from this raffle goes to a pool of money that will offer some financial assistance, to a Finheaven brother or sister, to attend a game...

Now for the details...

IF you want to purchase a ticket(s), please e-mail me at kmcgaffic@msn.com . I will send the information on how to pay at the end of the raffle. It works better this way, for me anyway, to keep track of the different things that are going on... It also will allow you to change your mind and buy more tickets and get only a single bill...

PLEASE DO NOT SAY you are going to buy a ticket and then BACK OUT!!! I WILL post those names that do so because it will affect the number of tickets raffled and who wins the raffle...

I plan to have 3 fellow FINFANS monitor this drawing. I will coordinate and pay for the outing to do so... HINT VA, DC and MD fans... It is on me, the entire nite, for the Drawing!!!

BTW, these tickets will also include parking and a tailgate area! Shipping and handling is also included!!!

SO FOR THE RECORD!!! There is 1 set of seats to the FINS/STEELERS game up for raffle as of NOW!!! We hit 50 tickets, another pair is included in the raffle and so on!!!

Here is your chance guys!!! Raffle Ends at 8:00pm on August 8th!!! Get your requests in now!!!

08-03-2006, 12:16 PM
Updates are posted in the sticky in the main forum!

08-05-2006, 10:10 PM
You need to check the sticky in the main forum if you wish to participate!!!


08-07-2006, 08:53 PM
Time is running out! Less than 24 hours left guys! Get them now!!!