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08-04-2006, 01:44 PM
I figured I would make a thread to discuss hl2 mods and such. Just talk about any of the mods for it announced and or released.

My personal favorites I have been watching is No More Room in Hell also got my own project in closed doors.

I also look forward to fortress forever. Its great to see tfc being made on hl2 engine and it will be a change from playing tf2 all the time :D.

I somewhat enjoyed empires mod. I just wish more people played it. It has potential and if you haven't tried it I recommend it.

Also you cant forget insurgency. In my opinion probably most professional mod there is for hl2 atm. Great community and team argyll (the leader) is a great guy have spoke to him although rarely.

In Flanders Field I look forward to im a personal pal of the ex-leader (left due to work) The mod has much potential and the ww1 genre has never really been done well. People think ww1 would be boring if you knew thier plans you would love thier idea of how to bring ww1 to hl2 and make it fun.

Another mod I keep a eye on is Resistence & Liberation its the RO of hl2 as far as realism or atleast that's its plan and I hope they accomplish it.

There is only 1 mod I don't watch and never will.

Nuclear Dawn. It has been proven the screens that say alpha testing are nothing but setup screens and nothing actually playable. DaveL the leader is probably most arrogant person you can talk to in the hl2 community. He on several occasions will call a member from another mod and try to take them. The mod itself doesn't even sound interresting to me. They had some great talent but alot of them left before 2006 of this year because of DaveL's attitude.... There is my rant :lol:

I also tried Dystopia I was looking forward to it but the gameplay didn't deliever to me. Although there are alot of people that like it.

Well thier is the my favorites.

Also my project if your curious is closed doors we are just a few people that are working slow at our own pace before we come back to public. For the finheaven members here is a peice from my mod (its about 85% done)

Anyways curious about your thoughts on hl2 mod.

08-04-2006, 01:52 PM
Ive been a big fan of Valve' HL1 and HL2 games because of the strong support for the mod community. Nothing can give your game more replayability than user created modifications.

Ive played Counterstrike since Beta .2 It seems soooo long ago too, and I remember at that point we had a total of like 3 maps lol. Also the guns were all left handed and my god there was some hell recoil too.

I cannot wait for TF2 to be released. I was a huge TFC fan and spent many many hours sniping the HW noobs in the cranium to see their insides explode :evil:. I dont know what to think about the TF mod, only time will tell.

Valve needs to hurry up with Episode 2 though, I wana play TF2 so badly it hurts:boohoo:

08-04-2006, 01:59 PM
I have never been a big cs fan but I do play it. CSS has some hitbox problems you can hit a person somehow in the head even though not even shooting near it. Many cs vets won't play css for that fact much still play 1.6 on hl1.

Yea the tf mod is a tossup I dunno how it will turn out but I still watch it.

TF2 though I can't wait for going to be great.