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08-08-2006, 06:30 PM

Wearing a ski hat and a top made out of what appeared to be black clingfilm, Grace Jones produced a bravura performance to overshadow Patrick Swayze's opening night in the West End.

The singer/actress was invited to the aftershow party in Soho and her act was pure Jones. One eyewitness described her look as that of a "Smurf gone wrong". Some suggested that next time the diva gets dressed she should take off the dark glasses first.

Then she performed her trademark slap - the one that decked chat show host Russell Harty - not just once, but repeatedly. This time, the target of her affectionate punching was a young photographer.

After hitting the paparazzo with her customary vim and vigour, she gave him a kiss and a cuddle. Then she pulled out a middle finger and waved it around - no doubt testing wind direction and speed - before appearing to delve into her blouse and threatening to display her left breast.

|ThisLondon.com (http://www.thisislondon.com/showbiz/articles/23365901?source=Evening%20Standard&ct=5)|

Crazy winch...you gotta love her. :lol:

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No doubt :lol:

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"Smurph gone wrong"