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08-08-2006, 11:21 PM
Tiny critters spreading through hotels, dorms and hospitals

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After waking up one night in sheets teeming with tiny bugs, Josh Benton couldn’t sleep for months and kept a flashlight and can of Raid with him in bed.

“We were afraid to even tell people about it at first,” Benton said of the bedbugs in his home. “It feels like maybe some way your living is encouraging this, that you’re living in a bad neighborhood or have a dirty apartment.”

Absent from the United States for so long that some thought they were a myth, bedbugs are back. Entomologists and pest control professionals are reporting a dramatic increase in infestations throughout the country, and no one knows exactly why.

“It’s no secret that bedbugs are making a comeback,” said Dan Suiter, an associate professor of entomology at the University of Georgia.

Before World War II, bedbug infestations were common in the U.S., but they were virtually eradicated through improvements in hygiene and the widespread use of DDT in the 1940s and 1950s.

Bedbugs are tiny brownish, flattened insects that feed exclusively on the blood of animals and humans. Their bites may cause itchy red welts or swelling.

Unlike mosquitoes, though, they are not known to transmit blood-borne diseases from one victim to another. They are extremely resilient and very difficult to exterminate. Experts say bedbugs are not necessarily an indicator of unsanitary conditions.


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Damn...that is sick.

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Forget them bedbugs. I got bitten by a brown recluse spider this past Winter. I was sleeping in the basement of my brother's house. The next morning I saw a couple bites on my arm (it wasn't Dracula) and my hands were swollen up so bad I could not bend my fingers and I had a rash all over my arms and side. Hurt like hell for three days. :boohoo: