View Full Version : Fins/Steelers Tickets for Veterans!!!

08-10-2006, 03:30 AM
OK... I think that I have come up with a GRAND idea here!!! I am willing to offer a pair of tickets to the FINS/STEELERS game, free of charge, to a veteran of the military... active or retired... All you have to do is tell your story. The final day for submission of your story is 1 week from today. The story, hopefully being true, will be entered into a pool for judgement... All will be recorded in a word document that will be later passed out to the judges... The individual that submits, based on the judges, the most moving story/best story, will win a pair of tickets to the FINS/Steelers game!!!

Don't think that hearbreakers are going to win!!! The most genuine story, and heart felt story, has the best chance!!! You want to win? Be truthful and sincere!!!

I am also requesting a panel of 5 judges, including myself since I am a vet, to judge this event... If you submit a story, you can not be a judge... The judges have to be at least 25 years old... If you have to ask why on the age, you need not apply... I want individuals that have an unbiased mind and will be fair in evaluating submissions to this contest... If you want to be a judge, PM ME!!! I currently have 4 open spots!!!

Well good luck to you all!!!