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08-14-2006, 05:11 PM
Fileplanet has been busy very busy lately.

They recently released a demo for "Dark Messiah" which is a FPS/RPG(like oblivion) but used with the Half-Life 2 Source engine. Ive played it and the game looks very polished and the source technology really shines in a game like this. Much more action in Dark Messiah than Elder Scrolls, but the story depth remains to be seen if it can even come close. This demo was released last week.


Another Demo, which will be released August 15th is for the "groundbreaking" RTS called Maelstrom:The Battle for Earth Begins. Now this is going to be a major twist on the RTS genre instead of having the usual "build em and blow em up". This game is set in the future where the earth is threatened by Meteors, tornados, floods, and alot more- all of this is controlled by the player. Now it sounds a bit strange and SimCityish at first, but its not that at all. This is a real strategy game and the terrain is completly destructable.


Representing the MMO genre demo(beta), is ArchLord. Yet again, we have a company who wishes to stray from the usual cookie-cutter genre game and is trying to make their own mark in the industry. Here is a snipet.

Every month, working with your fellow guild one player will take control of the
entire game world and gain the opportunity to wreak havoc upon their
cowering enemies using a number of supreme, ArchLordâ„¢ powers! For
there can be only one ArchLord!

Sounds different, and I like that. This Beta is limited to Fileplanet subcribers unlike the previous 2 demos listed here.


And last but certainly not least, would be the upcoming Beta testing for Battlefield 2142. This game looks simply amazing so far, taking vast direction changes from the previous games strandard capture the flag gameplay. While the flags will still be in the game, they are adding a whole new gameplay type called "Titan" where each side has a giant hovership to defend. There are surface to air missile launchers scattered around the map which are capturable and can be fired at the opposition's Titan ship when your team controls it long enough.

There is really too much new stuff to mention here, and if this game sounds intriguing to you I strongly suggest reading up on it/watching the videos. Especially if your into Mechs and futuristic warfare.

This beta testing will also be closed off to Fileplanet subscribers and no word yet on the exact date for the launch of beta.