View Full Version : Madden 06!!(Whos not getting 07?)

08-26-2006, 12:20 PM
Whos not getting 07, and is stickign with 06?

Well I have 07 and I'm willing to help you all out with some Create-A-Players.
I made some CAPs of some rookies this year, many more to come, I also started on some 07 prospects.

I don't mean to spam(Just look at my history, im not a spammer), but I just thinkt that that can be really valuable to those who are stickign with 06. Cuz they can get reggie bush and leinart, and all those fun players.

I used the exact information from the 07 CAPs and just copied it there, but i changed the faces and hair styles. EA (for PC version at least) made all the hair styles for hte rookies Close Crop, and all the faces were inaccurate. lol.

Why am I doing this? Originally I wanted to make 07 draft prospect CAPs, that way I could learn about those prospects as well as make Madden more fun, but peopel started requesting the 06 rookies, so I started doing those as well, It only takes liek 5-10 minutes to copy/paste/find the face/post each CAP.

That is all, Thank you.

1 more thing, 07 is hella fun, you guys should try it out. Especially Superstar Mode, its even more fun than Franchise mode, and O-line blocking is great.

08-28-2006, 11:39 PM
thanks man.....A.J. Hawk looks great!