View Full Version : Does Cruise regret slamming Brooke Shields?

08-26-2006, 07:17 PM
There is even more Tom Cruise fallout Friday after his split from Paramount Studios, as one of his longtime friends and collaborators speaks out.

And from the look of things, Tom is already back to work.

First off, we have another Team Cruise sighting!

Tom and Katie were out doing business Thursday afternoon at the Yahoo office building in Santa Monica.

This, as Steven Spielberg’s longtime producing partner, Kathleen Kennedy, tells the Daily News that Tom is sorry for his criticism of Brooke Shields for taking an antidepressant to fight post-partum depression (http://www.srch-results.com/lm/rtl3.asp?si=77&k=post%20partum%20depression).

“That, he deeply regrets,” Kennedy said.

Cruise’s friend, Steven, wasn’t talking Tom on Thursday night to News 12 entertainment correspondent Gina Glickman. He was all about his breakout film, “Jaws,” with Roy Scheider at the Hampton charity screening.

But Spielberg’s spokesperson said the director had no “advance knowledge” Paramount was going to break up with Cruise and Paula Wagner, saying:

“The story broke when Steven was on an airplane. He found out when the plane landed.”

Strange since Steven is a power player at the now Paramount-owned Dreamworks studio and Steven and Tom’s friendship has a long history. They collaborated on “Minority Report” in 2002 and then teamed up again for “War of the Worlds” in 2005.