View Full Version : Went to Colts/Saints game in Jackson, MS last nite...

08-27-2006, 11:47 AM
Here is the short just of it:

Saints -
Brees is pretty accurate on short stuff, but threw two interceptions on longer passes (15 yards or more). Real glad we got Culpepper.
Bush looked good on a couple of runs, but his jerking got him a fumble in the 3rd quarter.
Deuce is going to be ok.
Bethel Johnson looked good on kick returns but went out with a knee injury
Saints are weak on defense, especially at linebacker. Might be a long year if Saints can not score points. Shanle, the guy they traded for with the Cowboys, started immediately.
McKenzie got lit up by the Colt receivers. Several interference penalties.
This rookie named Branch from Colgate looked really good as a running back, catching out of the backfield and running.
The Saints appear deep at wide receiver, but very shallow at linebacker.

Colts -
Manning is clicking right along. He did have some errant throws deep into the second quarter, but he was hitting everyone early.
Dallas Clark is the real deal at TE.
Harrison forced penalties with his route running as did Wayne. Wayne had a good game.
The Colts will miss James at rb.
Freeney is the real deal, cat quick.
The Colts will also have to score some points this year to hide defense flaws.
Rob Morris is starting again at middle linebacker.
Nick Harper looked good.

Not real sure the Colts will return this year. I believe James meant that much to them.


08-27-2006, 10:16 PM
i think alot of qb's are accurate on short passes.good post