View Full Version : Flaky Baseball Hero of the Past

04-22-2003, 05:44 PM
In a yahoo baseball group, a member posted a story about one-time(1980) American League Rookie of the Year Joe Charbeneau. Charbeneau was well known for unusual behavior like opening beer bottles with his eye-socket, and drinking beer through his nose. In 1983 he had been demoted by the Indians to Buffalo. Apparently before one game there there was some contest involving running and eating chicken wings. Charbeneau of course hustled during the chicken wing contest and won it. During the game later that night, he did not hustle during a play. The Buffalo crowd showed their displeasure in their usual callous way. Charbeneau responded to the crowd, with the upright half-peace sign, the same way Bryan Cox did ten years later:lol:
Well Charbeneau was dumped out of the Indian chain and run out of Buffalo very quickly.
Well it's nice to know a player who knows how to treat Buffalo fans:lol: