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08-31-2006, 02:25 PM
The Mor is a long time fan of the battlefield series. I bought 1942 (and the expansions), I bought battlefield 2 (and the expansion), I bought Battlefield 2:Modern Combat (for Xbox and 360)... So EA's gotten well over $200 from me in the battlefield license alone. (I plan to buy Battlefield: Bad Company for the 360 and the up and coming Battlefield 2142 for the PC) What can I say, I'm a Battlefield fan.

It's just been released that 2142 will be the first game to have "dynamic in-game advertising". Meaning, that billboard in that map you like... will change to a different company everytime you play.

Battlefield 2142 will be the first title from Electronic Arts to incorporate dynamic in-game advertising, under a new deal with IGA Worldwide.
The agreement will see a select portfolio of EA titles incorporated into IGA's network, where games feature contextually relevant advertising.
"The agreement with IGA is a first step in a detailed strategy to deliver advertising in a seamless format," offered Frank Sagnier, VP for online and strategic relationships at EA Europe.
"We are continually looking at how to bring more connected experiences and services to consumers, and working with a network like IGA is a start to building this dimension of our business," he added.

I love how EA makes it sound like they're doing it with the best intrest of the gamers in mind... to make the world a more "connected experience". I wonder how many zeros come with this contract. Good job EA. If this works, expect every game afterwards to be full of dynamic changing in-game ads.

NOTE - If the ads are going to change in game, people might have to be forced to download the new images used as ads prior to the game loading... thus making your online connection at least a few seconds slower. Just food for thought.


08-31-2006, 02:50 PM
There has been talk about this for a long time, surprised it took this long. And BF2 takes long enough to load