View Full Version : An opposing team's scout sizes up each AFC team.

08-31-2006, 03:00 PM
Miami Dolphins

• The thing to guard against, the thing the Dolphins can least afford to happen, is getting too ambitious with Daunte Culpepper, pushing him too hard too soon. Then their season could go poof.

• The offensive line will be better than people think. Left guard Jeno James is an underrated player.

• The best off-season move after signing Culpepper was hiring Mike Mularkey as offensive coordinator. His down-the-field approach fits Culpepper's style perfectly.

• I can't understand why they picked up Bennie Anderson at right guard.

He flunked out of two systems and showed up out of shape at camp.

• The big challenge will be finding a strongside backer to work with [B]Zach Thomas and Channing Crowder.

• They've got a serious deep threat in Chris Chambers. He'll be the guy they'll all be talking about this season.

New England Patriots

• They've left themselves short-handed at wideout, and if they don't hurry up and get Deion Branch signed, they'll really be short. Getting free agent Reche Caldwell from the Chargers was a good move, but only to be a No. 2 receiver. Branch has got to be their No. 1.

• It seems as if they picked up guys who were either disappointing players, such as Jonathan Sullivan, or players on the downside, such as Tebucky Jones and Eric Warfield. I think they feel their magic touch with personnel can last forever.

• The best player on the team is still Tom Brady. He makes everyone around him better. He's the one guy I'd take if I were starting a franchise.

• They'll be in the playoffs. Their defense will get them there.

• They have to figure out how to get No. 1 pick Laurence Maroney into the open field, so he can use his speed.

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