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08-31-2006, 03:17 PM
Since getting the 360 I quickly realized it NEEDED to be on an HDTV.....I have a large sony rear projection hdtv in my living room but putting it in there would cut my gaming time way down as I would be battling the wife for control....I also have a 26" CRT panasonic widescreen (1080i) hdtv and so after some moving around i had the 360 in hd...and yes it is awesome and makes an unbelievable difference.

Anyways, I got the bug to get a new hdtv.....LCD, PLasma or DLP....for my den/office to be used almost exclusively for the 360 and HDTV...occaisonal dvd's.....and I am a bargain hunter almost always....

so, I initially decided on the LG 37" lcd from circuit city...it was on sale for 1500.00 and i brought it home....used it for 2 weeks (phenomenal tv btw) and found what i currently have:

the Westinghouse 37W3 37" LCD 1080p MONITOR.....it is a monitor as it has no tv tuners.....what this means is....you need a satelite box or cable box hooked to it for tv. For me? it's perfect...I can't remember the last time i got my tv by just connecting coaxial straight into the tv.

so its a 1080p monitor but it also has (480i/p, 720p, 1080i) ....and has 2 dvi inputs and 1 vga input, 2 component inputs...1 hdmi and s-video i think

awesome price at SAMS CLUB RIGHT NOW....its $1047.00 out the door. Best buy carries this tv and sells for 1400+....also crutchfield just reduced their price to 1299 i believe which is also a great price and crutchfield rules in general.

SD broadcasts are OK on the set, not phenomenal....HD stuff is beautiful and the 360 shines on this bad boy...i have it hooked up via component @ 1080i and its awesome. Also VGA is a popular alternative to the component as some prefer vga to component and this set obviously can do that...

so this thread is just me sharing my joy with my new toy...ive had it a week and love it....sometimes consoles are only as good as your display and with the price of hdtv's coming down so fast i think its a good time to get into one....

oh and keep in mind regardless what everyone tells you that you have to have name brand---sony, pioneer, samsung....alot of that price you pay is for the name....saving 800 bucks was well worth taking a chance on a 'westinghouse' which proved to be a damn good piece of electronics...oh and also this is a true 1080p set so i am fully ready for blu ray (if it wins) or a ps3 (if i really want one down the road)...ps3 is touting some of their games to output in 1080p as it is the 'latest greatest' technology.