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09-04-2006, 06:23 PM
Just want to get it in writing so people won't call me a liar when I say "I knew that would happen"....LOL j/k

I won't give records because that would take forever to do right. Without further delay (puts on his Madame Cleo hat), lets begin....

(*) Denotes Wildcard

AFC East
Miami (This is the year we overtake them)
New England (*) (This more about how much better Miami is now)
Buffalo (I think their offense will improve nut they don't have enough)
New York (Tough first year for Mangini. Will Chad stay healthy?) AFC North
Cincinnati (I don't like their defense at all but their offense is a machine)
Pittsburgh (*) (They'll get healthy and make the playoffs)
Baltimore (I think they're getting overrated. When was the last time McNair stayed healthy?)
Cleveland (They are on the rise in my opinion) AFC South
Indy (Only because of the weakness of the division. I still predict they **** the bed in the playoffs....again)
Jacksonville (Not nearly enough playmakers and they don't have a creampuff schedule like last year)
Houston (They'll be better. Kubiak is one of the great young coaches in the game in my opinion)
Tennessee (They could be 2-14 awful. Fisher gets fired and finds another job the next day.) AFC West
Denver (They fly under the radar. This is a damn good team)
San Diego (Something bothers me about them. Marty gets canned this year)
Kansas City (Their O-line is getting worst by the second and they lack playmakers. I don't like their defense either.)
Oakland (Brooks will be sitting by mid season)Other stuff

AFC Offensive player of the year - Carson Palmer
AFC defensive player of the year - Jason Taylor (2nd year in the system, he'll be all over the place)
AFC Rookie of the year - Mario Williams
AFC Coach of the year - Mike Shanahan
AFC Champion - Denver (They're the most balanced team in the AFC in my opinion)

NFC East
Philly (Call me crazy but I think they'll have the most dominant defense in football this year)
Dallas (*) (Another strong defensive team. T.O. does'nt lose it...until they lose in the playoffs)
Giants (I love their team but their schedule is a buzzsaw)
Washington (I just get a bad feeling about Mark Brunnel) NFC North
Chicago (This is how weak this division is. They will probably win 12-13 games and get blown out in their first playoff game)
Detroit (Only because the Vikes and PAckers are so terrible. Marenelli is a good coach)
Minnesota (Brad Johnson? No recievers? No hope.)
Green Bay (Favre's consecutive games streak ends this year. Either by injury or benching) NFC South
Carolina (If Steve Smith gets healthy)
Tampa Bay (*) (The last kick at the can for the old defense. Chris Simms is on the verge)
Atlanta (A lot of nice pieces but their Q.B. will hold them back.)
New Orleans (They could be exciting on offense but horrid on defense) NFC West
Seattle (They got better in my opinion. Co-faves in the NFC)
Arizona (A lot of weapons, a decent young defense, the best runner in football. Why not higher? Have you seen their O-line play?)
St. Louis (Linehan is changing the atmosphere. They will be tougher)
San Fransico (Alex Smith is going to get killed...again)Other stuff

NFC Offensive player of the year - Donovan McNabb (He has something to prove)
NFC defensive player of the year - DeMarcus Ware (The Dallas 3-4 was made for this guy)
NFC Rookie of the year - DeAngelo Williams
NFC Coach of the year - Andy Reid
NFC Champion - Philly (Like I said earlier, I think their defense will dominate. If Andy Reid remebers to run the ball the odd time they'll get here.)

Super Bowl

Broncos over the Eagles

Flame away!

09-04-2006, 07:36 PM
Ok Minny is running the west cost offense, which means they dont need a top notch WR. Not only that Brad Johnson won games under west coast offense.

09-04-2006, 07:55 PM
Ok Minny is running the west cost offense, which means they dont need a top notch WR. Not only that Brad Johnson won games under west coast offense.

That's great...I don't see them winning 6 games.

09-04-2006, 09:30 PM
That's great...I don't see them winning 6 games.

Didnt he win more than 6 last season?

Shula Come Back!
09-05-2006, 06:30 PM
very nice picks Uni....My divison standing would be identical except I would swap Philly with NYG and SD with KC!!!!

My Super Bowl would be quite different though
Panthers over Bengals