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09-08-2006, 04:34 PM
Here are some tips for those sorely in need. For those that already get it, please ignore or nod your head slowly while reading.

1. If you are going to post an opinion, at the very least have facts to back up the opinion. Otherwise you are just going to come across as ignorant, a troll, or prepubescent. An opinion based on being ignorant of the facts isn't a valid opinion in the real world. Saying it's just an opinion, doesn't relieve you of the responsibility of contributing valid, thoughtful feedback to this, or any other forum.

2. Conspiracy theories are for UFO and JFK forums. Leave them off unless you really don't mind being seen as a nut job.

3. If you hate the homers that come on to this site to sprout nonsense about the Dolphins, don't do it on their sites. Though two wrongs don't make a right, it's hard for the 16 year olds to grasp that.

4. If you must criticize, back it up with hard facts. When you say things like "he doesn't find the holes" it's only valid if you can prove that you are qualified to make that assessment. Are you a pro running back? A pro coach? A scout? Where you on the field seeing what he saw? We have the advantage of a bird's eye view. The point is to always be prepared to debate your view, and if your only retort is "It's my opinion" then why bother posting? You aren't contributing.

5. Just because you have 1000 posts, it doesn't make you an expert.

6. If you are knowingly posting as a homer, just say it.

7. Be prepared to admit you were wrong. If you can't, you have no credibility.

8. It's ok to have a man-crush. Just admit it.

9. One game does not make a trend or a season. Saying we are _____ after one game is using faulty logic. If you don't understand logic, take a class. They are about $400 for a community college course and will help you debate better. The grass is green therefore my car is blue is not logical.

10. Think about your post before posting. Writing for the sake of writing isn't intelligent. Have something to say that is worthwhile or funny. Writing to be controversial is called being a troll.


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Man-crush! ROTFLMAO

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nice write

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Good stuff, buddy. All of it true

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Great job!