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09-09-2006, 03:05 AM
The Mor went out and rented Test Drive: Unlimited (TDU) today. It costed $8.47 to rent a game at Hollywood Video... WHEN THE HELL DID GAME RENTALS GET SO OUT OF HAND?

Back to th topic. TDU has a lot of ups and downs. It's easy to call out it's glaring faults, but in reality the game is so innovative on so many fronts that it deserves ome serious credit. Let's get the bad crap out of the way first:


- Car control is very arcady. That's not bad unless you're advertising a 'real' driving experience (which they are). It's not a bad feel, it just doesn't feel real. My Ferarri Enzo on Forza doesn't feel like that :lol:

- Disappearing land. This was funny. At one point I was just driving on the ocean. The entire island underneath me disappeared. After a minute or so it re-appeared, but if I had been in a race i'd have lost because you can't see the barriers, roads, or cars. Pretty glaring glitch... Wonder how some things get past QA. Not sure what I did to trigger it, but it's happened twice.

- Too open? Not sure how many people will see this as a con... it'll probably be a pro too. When the game starts, they just kinda plop you into the world... With no clear direction where to go. I had to figure out where to get in races, events, and how to play online.
A little guidance Atari.

- No music. There's no music in the game. Just dead silence and engines. I used my own 360 playlist to compensate, but they need to have a freakin' soundtrack. It screams laziness.

- TDU server keeps dropping. The games major goodie is a major downfall. I played it for roughly 4 hours. In that time, a message saying the TDU servers cannot be reached came up 12 times. Too much Atari. Patch fix?


- Online is awesome. It is literally an MMO(Car-P-G - Get it? Car-P-G, sounds like RPG?? Ok, I'm a dork :sidelol: ). When you turn the game on, you're in Hawaii. As long as you have Xbox Live, you're in the world. You're automatcally connected and ready to roll. There's no additional logging in, there's no server selections, it's too easy. The world is awesome too. You'll see people (other live players) driving around, crashing, going to places on the map. It's a VERY cool idea. Lag was minimal when the server was up. When the server is down, the game doesn't stop or pause, you simply do the same stuff except offline. The offline and online components i the same interface. VERY GOOD JOB HERE.

- Car Models look great. The exterior of the car looks great, but all games do that now. The interiors of these cars are done in striking detail. I was very impressed that you can do an internl and exrternal tour of every car. NICE!

- Open ended. I know this was a con, but it has some goods to it too. You play a racer. You buy a house and car. Then it's up to you. Travel the island? Sure. Do all the local races to win cash? Sure. Do nothing? Sure. Go from dealership to dealership test driving cars you can't afford? Sure. Drive arounf challenging every live person you see? Sure. The game leaves it up to you. I just wish a little more direction had been provided. The world is also HUGE and very open. If you drive off the roads you can literally travel any where on the map on or off road (baring the obvios like somethin blocking the way). But there isn't any imaginary road blocks. If it ain't there in real life Hawaii, I don't see it being here.

Potential - This game has loads of it. It's by no means my favorite racer or even close. But it brings some very new and good ideas to the racing world. We'll see if atari delivers ona patch to fix the small isues with it.

Go rent it!

09-09-2006, 08:08 AM
- No music. There's no music in the game. Just dead silence and engines. I used my own 360 playlist to compensate, but they need to have a freakin' soundtrack. It screams laziness.
All a matter of taste bro...I consider this a plus. Anytime I get to a stoplight and someone in another car revs the engine next to me in real life, I know I shut my radio OFF before that light turns green and I stomp on it.

I usually end up turning the music off in my driving games at the options screen anyway.

09-09-2006, 10:02 AM
Good Review.

- No music. There's no music in the game. Just dead silence and engines. I used my own 360 playlist to compensate, but they need to have a freakin' soundtrack. It screams laziness.

There is a radio on there. If you push left on the directional pad, a radio player will pop up and you can change the stations by pushing left on the pad and up for the volume. Took a while to figure it out cuz I don't have a manual. Originally they said that there was gonna be live radio where you can listen to actual radio stations in your town. I guess that idea was scrapped.

The map looks good as a lot of the places brought back memories, but I was hoping to find where I used to lived and the whole city is nothing but trees and grass.:boohoo:

There's definetly a problem with the server as I kept getting the server is unavailable many times while cruising around. When it is up, it's nice seeing other players driving around, crashing, and you can challenge them, or go to a multiplayer mission and race against 7 other players.

09-09-2006, 12:10 PM
I stand corrected!! Thanx for the info

09-11-2006, 10:58 AM
Good review Mor.

09-12-2006, 02:12 PM
Good review The Mor Thanks. I cant get over one thing though, $8.47 to renty a game? Really? Wow, thats insane!!!! I havent rented a game for like 5 years and back then they were $5 which I thought was high!! No wonder people like gamefly so much!!!!