View Full Version : To every Dol-Fan

09-10-2006, 05:51 AM
I used to read the boards last year but never signed up i signed up this month and boards lagged real bad with alot of people so im not interested only read but now i signed up cause the boards run extremely smooth now and i get whats going on with the team ok.

So my point being is last year i remember alot of people saying chris dropped the ball and is not a #1 wr [i was pissed at miami's effort and chris vs the browns though]after that it was on the last 6 games and every body was jumping on chris bandwagon and stuff.

now bandwagoners, can some one make a couple of strips like this:http://www.finheaven.com/images/imported/2006/09/loungelizard-1.jpg
These or Custom Message Types You Want:
2.we suck
3.daunte believer
4.daunte sucks
5.start joey
5.ronnie is a true #1 rb
6.ronnies a backup
7.ronnies a backup at best
8.chambers is a #1 wr
9.chambers is a #2
10.Start jason allen over hill
11.start jason allen over tillman
12.our d is good enough to content
13.our d is old and sucks
14.we win 5-7 games
15.were a 8-8 team
16.were a 9-10 team
17.were a 11-12 win team
18.were a 13-14 win team
18.were a 15-1 team
20.were winning afc east

this seems exagerated but there is alot more i will like to put cause of my fellow fans the outrageous thing they say is incredible.

now i want the real people to put these or different message strips on their signature, cause i dont like bandwagoners to much cause they jump when were doing good only , you either believe in the team now or you dont ,and this shows who believes and who doesnt.