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09-14-2006, 09:51 AM
Has the Bowden Bowl become the Bowden bore, or could it be that Clemson coach Tommy Bowden is attempting to downplay it because of usual results.

"The novelty has worn off," Bowden said of the matchup between his Tigers and father Bobby's Florida State. "When they won the first five, it wore off pretty quick."

But dear old dad isn't as quick to dismiss the matchup as just another game.
"I know it sounds wrong, but it's really more important than the Miami game because Miami is not in our division," Bobby said. "These wins on this side are really more important, although the losses that would come from the other side would hurt."

The first meeting in 1999 was a can't-miss event, not only because Florida State was No. 1 and on the way to a national title, but because Bobby was on the verge of his 300th coaching victory. Clemson put up a stirring fight, losing 17-14 at home.

Tommy's Tigers finally broke through in 2003, winning 26-10 at Death Valley. The Tigers won again last fall with a 35-14 victory, also at home.
Clemson travels to Tallahassee, Fla., Saturday. Last time the Tigers won there was 1989.

For Bobby, whose team beat Miami to start the season and is ranked ninth, the showdown with Clemson would ideally come earlier -- to open the season, for example.