View Full Version : Cincinnati Fins Fans?

09-15-2006, 04:01 PM
Untill about four years ago a group of fans in Cincinnati had been meeting at the same place on Sunday's to watch the fish play ...... then the Bengals got good and "fans" started crawaling out of the woodwork! (terrible town for fair weather fans). Anyway, the place we used to go, Tickets, gave the room we had beed using for like 7 years to the newly rabid Bengals fans. We found a new place, and they went out of business this summer. PLEASE PLEASE tell me that there are other fans (besides few of us) in Cincinnati that want to get togeather and watch the game. I've seen the Dolphins beat the hell out of the Bengals here a few times ...... we are always well represented at the games, where does everyone go to watch?