View Full Version : PC's weak Week 2 picks

09-17-2006, 10:24 AM
Record: 2-1

Week 1
Philadelphia: -5.5 at Houston (W, 24-10)
S.F./Ariz. over 43 (W, 34-27)
K.C. (-2) vs. Cincy (L, 23-10)

Week 2:

Tampa Bay (+5.5) at Atlanta: I expect a bounce back from a decent Tampa team that admittedly has seriously O-Line health problems. Bucs just give Vick fits, and I expect a very close game.

Green Bay (+2.5) hosting New Orleans: Pack played horrible, but still ran the ball decently last week. New Orleans STILL has not played a home game. Winning two in a row on the road? Not seeing it. Packers rebound.

St. Louis (-3) at San Fran: I like what the Rams did on special teams and defense last week. Stephen Jackson should run roughshod over a very below-average S.F. defense.

Miami (-6) hosting Buffalo: Bills showed some spark last week, but their O-Line is just not very good. I like our boys to fix some secondary issues, and Culpepper to have a statement game in his home opener against a Bills defense that lost two key vets last week.

Colts (-13) hosting Houston: 3rd round rookie Charles Spencer vs. Dwight Freeney? Texans on the road? 0 for the franchise vs. Indy? I like the Colts big here.