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09-22-2006, 02:52 PM
Week 3
Last week 13-3 Year 21-11
Panthers at Buccaneers: Bucs ship has sunk and the Panthers are playing like kittens....Panthers 3-0
Bears at Vikings: Vikings new uniforms have improved their play...Bears 20-7
Bengals at Steelers: If Bengals thought the Browns tried to rough them up then they might want to check into a witness protection program this week..Steelers 24-17
Packers at Lions: The Lions are sick and all the Pack can offer is moldy cheese...Packers 10-7
Jaguars at Colts: Colts should be scared, very scared...Jaguars 13-10
Jets at Bills: STOP THE PRESSSES!!! One of these teams will be 2-1...bills 13-6
Titans at Dolphins: Win or lose if the Dolphins struggle, their season is over...Dolphins 31-7
Redskins at Texans: At least the texans are consistant, their defense and offense are bad...Redskins 20-3
Ravens at Browns: how good are the Ravens? How bad are the Browns? Neither will be answered...Ravens 27-0
Giants at Seahawks: One team is moving up the other going down can you guess which one?...Giants 23-20
Eagles at 49ers: Niners looking better but not quite ready for the good teams...Eagles 35-17
Rams at Cardinals: Cards barely beat the niners, Rams lost to the Niners which means....Rams 34-33
Broncos at Patriots: This was supposed to be a good game but plummer playing like a two year old trying to snow ski...patriots 24-7
Falcons at Saints: Saints will be fired up but you will need a black hole to stop the Falcon running game...Falcons 33-10