View Full Version : Billsfan’s take on the McGahee pick.

04-28-2003, 09:26 AM

Let's look at our options at the 23rd spot.

1. D-lineman. We were looking for an End. But on account of the run on DL. We would have got the 10th best D-lineman at that spot. And since we were looking at DE. We would have taken Kelsey from Nebraska. We got him round 2. Good move.

2. WR. Jacobs and Washington are still on the board at this time. These guys may have been good picks but they were slated for early to middle second round. Neither guy was worth taking at 23.

3. TE. Please. I'll never be happy taking a TE in round one. Even though I loved Witten out of Tennessee.

4. McGahee. This guy was a Slam Dunk Top 2 pick before his injury. He was probably the best player in the draft before his injury. He's cleared to play.

I think the choice is obvious. As early as the last preseason game last year, I was questioning Henry. Sure he went on to prove me wrong but he did so with 8 fumbles. Plus he doesn't have breakaway speed. But I envision a nice one-two punch attack. We've already established the fact that we're going to a power running game. We've got the 2 blocking TE's in Campbell and Moore. We've got Sam Gash. Now we have the power back and the speedy all around back. I picture late November. McGahee enters the lineup. We have a crazy powerful defense and those two guys carrying the ball. It's cold as hell. And just when the defense is stacking the line and doing whatever they can to control our running attack, you sic Bledsoe, Moulds and Reed on them. I think I just wet my pants. I can't wait for the season.