View Full Version : Against the experts

04-29-2003, 12:36 PM
I totaly disagree with everyone that sais the Ravens had the best draft. The Bengals by far had the best draft. The Ravens got a huge star on defense, but also got the QB most likely to be the biggest QB bust of the 1st round. Billick is horrible with QBs, and Boler is most likely the only 1st round QB to start from the start of the season. The preasure of being a high QB draft pick playing in the fisrt year, and not having any real WR options.

The Bengals got an instant starter, and probably the 2nd best o-lineman in the draft with Steinbach. Wheatherby will most likely be a starter by the end of camp with a 4th round pick. 3rd round pick Washington if his injuries work out could have actully been neck and neck with the top 2 prospects at WR, shoul have an instant impact as a 3rd WR. The FB in the 4th round was the highest rated player at his postion, and could clear holes in front of Dillion and behind Steinbach. Then their is Palmer. I didn't like him or think he was the best QB in the Draft, but people who get paid to figure that out do. If the Bengals stay with their plan, and keep Palmer on the bench after preseason they probably just founf their first franchise QB since Boomer left. To sum it up by 2004 the Bengals should have 4 major impact players in thier starting line up from this draft, and didn't have to give up next years first round pick. The Ravens did give up next years, and with the lack of any notable offense just gave up a top 15 pick probably top 10.