View Full Version : Tom Brady works for Consumer affairs for Wrigley XD

10-09-2006, 08:29 PM
Basically I bought a pack of Orbit citrus mint gum, after 3 hours it started to liqufy into a nasty goo substance. I sent them a email and got this

Dear Andy,

Thank you for writing regarding our Orbit Citrus Mint Gum that you
felt was not up to standard.

We appreciate your taking the time to contact us and I will certainly
refer your comments to our Marketing Department for consideration. We
have also logged your comments in our Consumer Affairs database for
future reference and reporting. We often get feedback on our products,
especially if they are newly released, and we track this information
carefully. Issues like the ones you have raised are followed to see if
others are experiencing the same thing. If it is determined that there is
a problem then corrective action may need to be taken.

While there have been some consumers who have expressed dissatisfaction
with the product, overall consumer acceptance of our recent release has
been positive, as indicated by the brand's strong sales performance.

Thank you again for contacting us on this matter. Your interest in our
company is greatly appreciated and we hope you enjoy our brands for
many years to come.


Tom Brady
Consumer Affairs RepresentativeYea its stupid but it amused me.